about us

GN Management is a full-service developer of modernist luxury properties. Founded by Mr. Onkar Singh in 2010, we have a decade of experience in developing ground-up luxury residential projects in Jersey City, New Jersey. Mr. Singh started with the vision to revolutionize the real estate industry by making luxury residential properties accessible to larger and diverse communities. We are driven by our unwavering commitment and passion for developing high-quality, innovative, and uniquely designed residential buildings. Our portfolio which we have built over the decade does not only include houses, but also emotions, and relationships with our clients.

Our Story

The journey of our founder, Mr. Onkar Singh, had very humble beginnings. He started by working at gas stations. Interacting with various truck drivers, listening to their stories ignited a vision in his eyes.

Mr. Singh's philosophy is not to build a corporation, but a family. His belief system constitutes empathy, trust, and family. He envisioned changing the mechanical experience of the real estate industry along with pushing innovation and affordability. The vision came to reality in the form of GN Management, founded in 2010.

We started with a small range of portfolios in the initial years. Over the last decade, we have built a robust portfolio on the back of strong leadership and a growing team of experts.


Our mission is to build your Homes not houses, to achieve a fine balance between luxury and affordability, and to provide quality homes through achieving excellence in development & management with only the best people to drive our projects through to the very best end possible.