Lake Street

138 Lake Street (07306), Jersey City, NJ


Located on the western slopes of the Jersey Heights this property is going to be the perfect nest for you away from the crowd and noise of the city center. The property is 3 stories tall and will have 2 units, both triplex. Both the units are proposed to be loaded with all integral amenities for a modern and luxurious lifestyle. This property has both characteristics, compact yet spacious. Our property lands the perfect landing between luxury and affordability.


The property is located well within walking distance to all cultural hotspots in the Heights area. No commute is going to be difficult as Path stations, bus rides among other public transports are within walking distance along with shopping centers and parks. Traveling to New York won’t be an issue from this location thanks to the good connectivity. Heights is slowly and steadily becoming the new hotspot for real estate and our property offer the best value for money.